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Spring at SIGN

SIGN has been quietly serving during COVID, in several projects over the last year. Though we had to cancel our Slabs fundraiser, the need for support continued as much as ever, especially after Sally and Zeta paid Baldwin County visits in the fall of 2020.

In January, Caroline Caruthers of WKRG News 5 did a great piece on SIGN that showed some of the work we have been doing, and spoke with Russ Copeland and Lucinda Nunnally. Here's the link to Caroline's story. Thank you Caroline and WKRG!

Finally, we're gearing up for another Spring work day, Saturday March 20, 2021, and backup day on Saturday March 27, for our volunteers teams to safely visit and assist. This is the day that the LORD has made, we will REJOICE and be GLAD! Ps. 118: 24

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