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SIGN teams with All Star Roofing for roof repair

From SIGN President Russ Copeland

I wanted to let everyone know about something amazing that has happened with our group. I think it is important to let everyone know the impact this group has not only on the widows and families we help directly, but also on others in our community who find out who we are and what we are doing. Several months ago we (SIGN) were contacted by SFUMC regarding an elderly lady who was in dire need of help with her house. Ms. Trasher was having serious leaking problems with her roof and we sent one of our guys with building experience out to check it out to see how we might be able to help. Unfortunately, the situation was very bad and our concern was whether trying to patch the roof might be throwing money down the drain as it looked like the whole roof was in horrible shape. The Board met and we struggled with what to do as we were not sure we would be in a position to step in and help without potentially having to take responsibility for repairing a major, and very expensive, part of her house. After one of our Board meetings a month ago, I received a call from Josh Perry who works at All weather Roofing. Josh's company replaced the roof on my house last year and did an amazing job and was really just a great guy to deal with. I referred him to several other people, including my 90 year old father, and they were all very happy with the work performed and the level of service they received. When Josh called it was about another issue but I asked him if he knew of anyone who worked on roofs on double-wide's and explained the problem we were having. Josh offered to go take a look at the roof himself and let me know whether he thought it could be repaired or not. Josh reported back the next day that the roof was not repairable but then the amazing part happened!! Josh knows about our group and what we do because I asked him to take a look at another widow's roof last year when he was working on my house. Right after giving me the bad news on Ms. Trasher's roof, Josh explained that he and his company were going to replace her roof free of charge!! Josh told me that he really respects everything we do as a group and he wanted us to save our money on this one to use for another widow down the road and let them take care of Ms. Trasher. When I told Ms. Trasher about this she broke down crying on the phone. It had rained the night before I called her and part of her ceiling in her dining area had actually caved in and she had just about lost all hope in getting her house repaired. If you do not think that our God is good all the time you are asleep at the wheel!!! Happy to report that the roof (and all of the rotten decking!!) were replaced Saturday. I will share some photos of the work very soon. Neither Josh nor his company asked for anything in return, but I will tell you that if you or someone you know is in need of any roofing work you cannot go wrong with using this company!! Keep up the great work!!

Russ Copeland

Hedge Copeland, P.C. 1206 Dauphin Street Mobile, AL 36604 Office: (251) 432-8844 Fax: (251) 432-8555

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